A Coffee Break at London St. Pancras

This is going in the Starbucks Break category even though it isn't Starbucks because it's still a break with coffee. Wish it was a white chocolate mocha though. So after a lovely Easter break, I'm on my way back to Leicester for the last time this academic year. As soon as my last exam is … Continue reading A Coffee Break at London St. Pancras

I Can’t

I can't keep continuing this never ending cycle of thinking I'm okay to find out a month or so later that I'm not okay. I can't keep breaking down at the slightest inconvenience and causing more stress than there needs to be for the people around me. I can't keep hiding away in my room … Continue reading I Can’t

My Own Personal Definitive Guide to Grounding and Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety.

I talk about my anxiety a lot on this blog, but only because it's important to me to share what I am going through to help others relate to it. It's a good to know that you're not alone in what you're suffering through, it can help you connect and find ways of coping. After … Continue reading My Own Personal Definitive Guide to Grounding and Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety.


I get these thoughts in my head. Not voices but thoughts. Thoughts that shouldn't be there, that intrude my mind over everything i care about and turning them black. They're all completely irrational, each and every one of them, I know they are. But they're so convincing at the same time. They know where to … Continue reading Thoughts


I don't know if this the same for everyone with anxiety or depression or both or something similar. But when I feel something I feel it hard, this is works with both positive and negative emotions. So when I'm feeling a mixture it clouds my head too much, and the negatives start out weighing the … Continue reading Reassurance

Another Starbucks Break.

This may become the standard for my blog posts I won't lie. Like I may have to make a whole category just for my Starbucks break. But i promise these won't be the only posts from now on. Hopefully, because these are trash. I forgot my keys today? What an interesting start Amy, do tell me … Continue reading Another Starbucks Break.

A Two Hour Break for Coffee and People Watching.

So I'm sitting in Starbucks in the shopping centre right now. I forgot my go to book for breaks like these (Assassins Creed: The Secret Crusader by Oliver Bowden). Therefore I thought I might as well do a post. Just as a warning, I do not have any clear direction for this. I started off today thinking … Continue reading A Two Hour Break for Coffee and People Watching.