About Me

I’m Amy Rose Crumpton, 21 years old.

I’m currently living in Leicester, studying at De Montfort University. But I’m from Essex!
I watch way too much TV and way too many films. I drink too much coffee and eat too much popcorn.
Hence why I thought “Caffeine & Screen Addict” would be the perfect title for this whole thing. It’s me in a nutshell.
This blog is going to be all about me and my daily life events, my thoughts, my opinions and probably most predominately my mental health. I may ramble about other things.

The aim behind this blog isn’t just for me to throw my clouded anxious thoughts into the abyss that is the internet, no matter how much it appears to be that way. The aim is for someone to read a post of mine and enjoy it, whether that may be through relating to my clouded anxious thoughts or through reading a Starbucks break post wondering what on earth I’m even talking about, those are my favourites even though I’ve done literally two of them, I can’t afford to go there as much as I want due to the fact I’m poor li’l student who shouldn’t be spending her entire loan on a large white chocolate mocha everytime there’s a break between lectures (Now you know my favourite order you can buy me a cup or two so I can blog more at Starbucks).

Enough rambling Amy. Enough. ❤


So.. What did you think?

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