A Two Hour Break for Coffee and People Watching.

So I’m sitting in Starbucks in the shopping centre right now. I forgot my go to book for breaks like these (Assassins Creed: The Secret Crusader by Oliver Bowden). Therefore I thought I might as well do a post. Just as a warning, I do not have any clear direction for this.

I started off today thinking it would be good, waking up at 7am realising I still had more time to sleep, woke up at 10am with a phone call from mother reminding me to pack my laptop for my tutorial as I had requested her to do the night before. Made my coffee not realising I should really put something on that’s not pajamas on. Don’t you find that when you’re getting ready for the day time goes much quicker than when you’re where you’re supposed to be?  I ended up rushing with foundation flying everywhere, I have a lovely splodge on my sleeve right now.. and left 10 minutes later than I usually do, throwing my big fluffy coat on and half running to uni. had to take the coat back off half way there as I was sweating like a beast. Met up with some girls so I didn’t have to walk in alone.

I sit down in my lecture and realise I don’t have my glasses and of course we are sitting at the back so I’m basically blind. Get my laptop out hoping our lecturer put the slides up early but of course she didn’t, so I’m sitting blind in my lecturer and just messaging my mum, sister and Vin for the whole hour. Don’t worry guys it was only on Qualitative vs Quantitative Research, I learnt that shit 100 times before that, I didn’t miss anything important! 
The main issue about me being covered in foundation and basically blind for the day is the fact that there’s this super cute guy in one of my tutorials and he could be in any of my other modules so I need to see so I can spot him and hide while I’m a mess for the day.

So yeah I am now on my break, trying to make my white mocha last until at least half 2. Perhaps I should be doing work but I don’t have my nice notes book only my lecture notebook which is only for the scruffy scribbles from timetabled things, because as we all know, it is physically impossible to get full, easy-to-read notes while sitting in a lecture with someone who does not care whether they are talking faster than any sane human being. But we must try if we want to be good students so a lot of pages in these notebooks are filled with half written sentences where they’ve moved onto the next slide or you’ve forgotten what they’ve said because you’re trying to listen while writing what they are saying. I’m rambling I know but this is a passionate subject of mine. It’s lucky that the uni are starting to record our lectures now so we have literally everything, but how they’re going to convince us to still turn up is hard to decipher.

So I think the title is quite misleading, I would comment on people walking by me right now but none of them are interesting enough to make a whole post about. Like there’s men trailing behind their girlfriends carrying the majority of the bags, students who are also on break like me, old people either walking slow af without a care or speeding through the place without a care, families with prams and so on. the only thing that would make me pay full attention to anything but my laptop is if a parade of cats and dogs walked by and surrounded me. God that would be great. I miss my pets.

But yeah, I have like two things left, a tutorial I did prep for yesterday only to find out I didn’t need to do anything for, he shouldn’t have a task sheet up on Blackboard if we don’t need it jeeez. And then a lecture for Buyer Behaviour and I have checked and once a-fucking-gain they have put the slides up yet. So I will have to pray that i already know everything’s she’s saying and some might just say, why bother going? For the attendance, that’s why. Because I need to save all this attendance up for when I need to take a mental health day in the future.

I’ve still got half an hour, so I’m gonna keep writing. Sorry I know this is really long. If you’re still reading I’m so proud of you because I so would’ve given up on a crazy girls bored ramblings a few paragraphs ago.

So.. you guys watching Frequency? It’s very good. I really recommend. Episodes are up every Thursday if you’re interested. NEW EPISODE TONIGHT HELL YEAH. It’s mine and Hannah’s show for the most of the year. It’s like time-travel but there’s no actual travel involved. It’s like that book Landline by Rainbow Rowell but with an old two-way radio thing, for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called. But yeah, if you haven’t ready Landline I’m sorry you’re missing out and I’m sorry I can’t explain this better. Like Raimy is a police detective and this old radio she used to play on when she was younger starts working again and she’s able to talk to her Dad through it but her Dad is in the 90s and she’s in the present day and yeah he died so she’s using it to try and change the past. That’s all I’m saying, go watch.

I’m running out things to write about. Let’s just say what I see. So right across from me is Soho Coffee Co. which rhymes so I like it. It looks super cute and hipstery in there. Might try it sometime but Starbucks will always and forever be my go to. A guy sitting on the table next to me has a muffin. I want a muffin but I’m trying to eat healthily so no muffins only super sweet and bad for me coffees. God I’m sensible. Upstairs is muffin break. Ha fun.

I always wonder how so many people can casually shop around during weekdays. Like old people are retired so it makes sense but there’s so many people like, don’t you have job or something better to do? I don’t have one but I go to uni 5 minutes from here so I have a reason to be here, I have nothing better to do. Also, how can women just wear heels just to go shopping, I can bare wear them when I go for meals and am sitting down the whole time, don’t your feet want to die?

Do you think over 1000 words is enough? If only I could write this much when it actually matters. Like in essays and stuff, but I doubt I’d have the best grades if I wrote like this in my reports.

Okay it’s quarter past 2, I’ll leave it here. Thank you for reading and sorry for wasting your time. Love you lots. Good bye.



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