A Coffee Break at London St. Pancras

This is going in the Starbucks Break category even though it isn’t Starbucks because it’s still a break with coffee. Wish it was a white chocolate mocha though.

So after a lovely Easter break, I’m on my way back to Leicester for the last time this academic year. As soon as my last exam is over on the 24th May, I’ll be packing all my flat up and leaving for Essex as soon as I can. I can’t wait for this summer, it’s going to be a good’un. Especially with Portugal coming up, like Amy’s gonna taaaaan tho.

Like I said though, this break from uni was everything I wanted. I got to see Callum, Vin, Mum, Grandad, Ella, Dad and the entire extended family and the animals and I was able to truly feel at home again for a while despite getting my final deadline done and revising for the upcoming exams. There was a barbeque, huge af takeaway, two pub quizzes that were both losses but worth it and just so many little memories. The second quiz wasn’t a total loss, entered the raffle and one a bottle of Jim Beam soooo..
It’s always hard to say goodbye though, it’ll only be 4 weeks away but time at uni always feels slower than time at home. As soon as the weekend to leave arrives, I spend like at least a third of the time crying, no matter how much boyf, bestie and family roll their eyes. I have a sensitive soul what can I say?

Though I am not ready to leave Essex, and probably never will be, except for when I leaving to sunbathe for a week in Portugaaal, I sure af ready to get these exams done. I’m not going to pressure myself, I’m not going spend hours up till 3am trying to cram every bit of information in. I know how to revise best for good results and good mental health. You gotta pace it out, so you don’t burn yourself out. Then once the exams are finished I won’t think about them again till results day, because there is no point in mulling over what you can’t change. You might think of a better sentence for that essay question but there is really zero benefit from overthinking it, from beating yourself up because chances are you already rocked it anyways.
I got a damn good mindset today despite it being long as hell. Be proud of me.

At the time of writing this sentence I have 35 minutes till my train. Always worry that I’m going to miss it even though I’m always ridiculously early and find myself with a coffee for ages, but still what if I get too stuck into staring at a wall? It can be a wild ride.

I recommend the spotify playlist, “Alt. Rock Roadtrip” for any journey you need to take. All songs you didn’t know you knew, and the ones you did. You’ll feel like a ’90s American outcast teen on a journey of self-discovery in a classic coming-of-age film, no matter how old you are, that is the exact feeling you get when you listen to Loser by Beck on the train.

I feel like I dreamt about writing a blog post the other day. I can’t remember. OH WAIT, I updated my About page. That was it. Go look. It’s cute.

I’m running out of things to ramble about. I wonder if anyone gets this far through my coffee break posts. You should, like it’s possibly the best thing since Shakespeare. Obviously.

So where I’m sitting in St. Pancras has like perfect view of like the arched glass ceiling and big af clock etc. It’s all very pretty but what I like is that since playing Assassins Creed Syndicate, I can truly appreciate games developers so much more because its like in the game there was more bars on the ceiling and stuff for Jacob and Evie to free-run on but the actual like place was so on point in it’s design it’s just amazing how well they did it. Like it just reminds me of when I binge played through it and I remember it all. I need to spend more time in London just looking at the places I used to play through.

Just wanna board now, I wanna just get back to Leicester so I can have pasta and play PS4 in bed. I do miss my PS4. But alas, still 22 minutes to go.

Well my prayers were answered after writing that, on the train now, got my reserved seat and it’s blissfully quiet, fingers crossed it stays that way. Need to pay attention, used to Leicester being the only stop for me but got a few so probably best to like look up from my laptop every now and again. God I hope this goes quick though.

Gonna leave this post here and either revise or Netflix. Who am I kidding? Netflix it is.



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