So yesterday I sent off my UCAS application, with my five uni choices decided and £23 lighter I am... bricking it. This is the first step towards independence, and my career, my whole future is riding on this. It's one of the scariest times of my (and many many others) life. I quadruple checked every … Continue reading UCAS



Just realised my last two posts were titled sorry, HA. That shows how ridiculous at this I am. The only blogs I've updated regularly are my coursework ones! But hey, at least you know I've been productive in my time away! The deadline for my first assignment of these two new project is this coming … Continue reading So….

I am so sorry

I am literally the worst blogger on the planet aren't i? I s2g I will get back on track starting as soon as possible, I have just been so caught up with my life outside of here, I kept forgetting to come back on. I'm gonna write a huge update now. Like right now. Give … Continue reading I am so sorry