Another Starbucks Break.

This may become the standard for my blog posts I won’t lie. Like I may have to make a whole category just for my Starbucks break. But i promise these won’t be the only posts from now on. Hopefully, because these are trash.

I forgot my keys today? What an interesting start Amy, do tell me more. I was too focused on getting a coffee to drink on my walk to uni. As soon as I shut my door I realised. But obviously you can’t just walk back in a grab them after the door has double locked, so I’m being forced to actually spend my entire day away from bed until Hannah has finished for the day so she can let me in. It’s a really tough life I live.

So yeah I actually went to my Market Research lecture and paid some attention, phones can be a big distraction, a welcome distraction though because that lecture was just so boring. She just reads from the slides! We all know that you write a couple of notes of slides, the most important notes then flesh it out while you talk. That has been drilled into me through out my time in education. But still many lecturers do this without realising, it’s not the way for us to learn, you just zone out and wonder why you bothered turning up. When you’re just being talked at in a monotone voice then you are not going to feel motivated to keep going. They could at least try.

Now I’ve finished my group meeting for Market Research, I’m sitting with my white chocolate mocha in a red cup (So it’s officially Christmas time), on my favourite table and typing up shit when I should be really focusing on the fact that I have a presentation tomorrow that needs to be fleshed out. I’ll show them how its done. Says the girl who can’t even call up the GP for an appointment without being on the edge of a panic attack.

I have Buyer Behaviour at 4. Thursdays are so boring. Like I physically can not pay full attention in Buyer Behaviour no matter how hard I try. The subject itself is interesting, like a lot of it is very psychological and I do love psychology but once again, the lecturer does not know how to make it engaging. Like it’s the last lecture of the day, we’re all tired and just wanna get home so whoever is teaching us should make that extra effort to make us want to be there and feel satisfied afterwards with going there. But after every single one, I just know the only reason I turned up was for the attendance mark. I’m probably going to end up taking a friends advice and sit at the back and work on my presentations.
Really though it should not be like that, I should leave the lecture theater knowing it was definitely worth my time and worth the amount of debt I’m going be in once my course finishes.

Literally just counting down the days till I get the train home, 17th December. As of today I have 3 weeks and 2 days. The more I count the slower it feels, even if the week feels like it going quick. Can’t explain it and won’t try to.
I cannot put into words how amazing it feels whenever I get off the train in Southend though. I immediately settle in and I walk down the platform and see Mum or Dad standing there with my sister and I always feel like I’m gonna cry because I’m so happy. And this time I’m going straight home to see all my family for welcome back thing and we’re gonna drink and have Chinese and I honestly am so excited. I’ll be tired but I just know that being with everyone for the afternoon will make me forget the exhaustion and I’ll love every minute. My family do that, they give me so much happiness that it’s very difficult to feel anything but positive, that’s why I’m always so excited when people meet my family for the first time because we’re special we have such a strong bond and I love to just show that off to the world.

The thought of that day is what is keeping me going throughout the last bits of this term, knowing that no matter how hard it gets in Leicester whether it’s uni work and deadlines or bitchiness or anything, in less than a month I will be seeing people that mean more to me than life itself and they’re making the effort for me, there’s no feeling that can match the warmth I feel when I imagine that.

This post was not meant to be this cute and emotional but I’m glad it went this direction, it’s made me happy. I’m happy with this. I can’t write more though because I will cry. But I’m gonna write a blog post about my family in the near future. Probably nearer to Christmas. Yes perfect!

Okay I need to go to my lecture. Bye xoxo



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