My Own Personal Definitive Guide to Grounding and Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety.

I talk about my anxiety a lot on this blog, but only because it's important to me to share what I am going through to help others relate to it. It's a good to know that you're not alone in what you're suffering through, it can help you connect and find ways of coping. After … Continue reading My Own Personal Definitive Guide to Grounding and Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety.



I get these thoughts in my head. Not voices but thoughts. Thoughts that shouldn't be there, that intrude my mind over everything i care about and turning them black. They're all completely irrational, each and every one of them, I know they are. But they're so convincing at the same time. They know where to … Continue reading Thoughts


I don't know if this the same for everyone with anxiety or depression or both or something similar. But when I feel something I feel it hard, this is works with both positive and negative emotions. So when I'm feeling a mixture it clouds my head too much, and the negatives start out weighing the … Continue reading Reassurance

A Two Hour Break for Coffee and People Watching.

So I'm sitting in Starbucks in the shopping centre right now. I forgot my go to book for breaks like these (Assassins Creed: The Secret Crusader by Oliver Bowden). Therefore I thought I might as well do a post. Just as a warning, I do not have any clear direction for this. I started off today thinking … Continue reading A Two Hour Break for Coffee and People Watching.

Loneliness and University

When you first head off to uni you're ready for a fresh start and to make new friends like everyone else, but what doesn't seem to cross your mind is what if you don't have that new friendship group that makes you look forward to returning after every break. When I first arrived I thought … Continue reading Loneliness and University

Assertiveness vs. Aggression

So I've been talking to a counsellor about finding the balance between assertiveness, aggression and passiveness. My anxiety makes me very very unbalanced in this, to the point where I'm either too passive and just stay quiet in situations that make me feel uncomfortable and upset and so on, or I'm get so panicky and … Continue reading Assertiveness vs. Aggression

This is for my Dad

So I did three posts about the three most important women in my life, but I missed someone out and it wasn't right of me to do so. And I'm sorry to say that I didn't realise this until I spoke to him. Writing this, I am worried that it's not going to have the … Continue reading This is for my Dad