First Year

As of yesterday morning, when I walked out of my last exam, my first year at university was over. These past 9 months have literally flown by, it's insane how quickly it's gone. I just can't wait to get back home now though, because even though i has gone quick, it's still easy to feel … Continue reading First Year


This is for my Dad

So I did three posts about the three most important women in my life, but I missed someone out and it wasn't right of me to do so. And I'm sorry to say that I didn't realise this until I spoke to him. Writing this, I am worried that it's not going to have the … Continue reading This is for my Dad

This Is For My Best Friend

Okay so for Vinnie's post, I'm gonna try and hold it together by listening to our songs. We don't have but one, we have but many. However, this may just fuel my tears and I'll be a sobbing mess singing along to Backstreet Boys. I'd like to apologise to my flatmates the strangled cat whining … Continue reading This Is For My Best Friend

This Is For My Sister

Okay so after posting about my mum last night I thought it would be cute to do a mini-series of posts to do with the three closest people I hold onto in life. First was my mum, second is my sister and third is obviously gonna be my best friend. Ella Crumpton is my little … Continue reading This Is For My Sister

This Is For My Mum

Julie Crumpton is my mother and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to raise me. She is a rock, she is the strongest woman I know and she has gone through so much and is still fighting. She sacrifices her life for her family she cares for everyone and is not appreciated like she … Continue reading This Is For My Mum

I Shouldn’t Have to go Through Hell 

I should not have to shut myself away with my earphones in and music on loud in order to stay calm. I don't care if they won a match. I don't care if they won the premier league. I don't care if they fucking single-handedly defeated fucking Ultron. When my panic attacks can be triggered … Continue reading I Shouldn’t Have to go Through Hell