First Year

As of yesterday morning, when I walked out of my last exam, my first year at university was over.

These past 9 months have literally flown by, it’s insane how quickly it’s gone. I just can’t wait to get back home now though, because even though i has gone quick, it’s still easy to feel the amount of time that has been and gone since I last cuddled up with the cats and Daisy dog. All I have to do now is move my stuff over to my second year flat and then I can escape Leicester and be back in Essex for a few months.

I’m gonna look into what I can do for extra money over the summer while I wait for a reply from my second year landlords. Will Essex have any decent digital marketing things for within public transport distance or am I gonna have to go back to Staples? We’ll see.
I need to spend as much time having fun as possible over the summer too. Not just sleeping.

I feel like my first year, with a little addition of All-American rejects and Simple Plan playing in the background, could’ve been straight out of some shitty TV show from America with the amount of ups and downs I’ve had, they’d have had to cut a lot of sleeping out but think about it okay?

This is Amy, in September she’s starting university for he very first time and she is ready to put her past struggles behind her and move onto bigger and better things with her friend Hannah and new boyfriend with her. She gets there she’s nervous and happy and is looking to forward to freshers week. Cut to montage of drinking and dancing and the realization that fresher’s week is kinda shit. She feels like she’s found her place at uni with her boyfriend’s flat and the first term seems to be going well until! Panic attacks galore set in. The realisation of uni and being away from home mixed with too much drinking make for one hell of a month or so at the end of term to making her a pure shaking mess which becomes too much for said boyfriend who leaves her just before Christmas and she doesn’t hear from him or his flatmates ever again. Returning from a fun af and therapeutic Christmas with the family, Amy makes up with Hannah who she foolishly left behind in her desperation of pleasing boyfriend, who she realises in hindsight wasn’t even that great to begin with.  While she feels a bit lost now that she kinda has to start from the beginning social-wise she knows it will be a good thing to branch out on her own and become closer with people by herself rather than through others. She becomes better friend with Tom. Her attendance becomes a thing of the past as she sleeps all day and Netflixes all night not noticing the unhealthy cycle she’s gotten herself into, she isolates herself and becomes more anxious just with less panic attacks than last term. She manages to finish her assignments and gets back to Essex for Easter. When she returns she’s on her last term of university, with only a few weeks left and then it’s all over. She starts trying to fix her sleep schedule and forces herself to attend more lectures with the help of a friend from her course. As the end creeps up she starts feeling better, it’s late in the year but it still feels good to know that when she’s back for second year she has more than one friend in Leicester, she just needs to push herself more to talk to people, even if it is one of thing that scares her most in the world. She finishes her year to the best of her ability and all that’s left is to wait for results.

I would watch the shit out of that. I recommend listening to All-American Rejects – Move Along while reading that. Like I know all of the plot spoilers because I lived it but still, if you want a British Degrassi style show set in a university. Contact me. I can already think of some good episodes. Actually quite a few. So much drama and tears and laughter and blogging. It would be like the UK version of Awkward with less love-triangles.

I feel like my TV series summary of uni was enough of a catch up, no one wants the nitty gritty details, the other posts are for that. Now look at the cute pictures that I can actually stand to look at, don’t expect many first term photos!


So.. What did you think?

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