Very Quick Update

Sorry I haven't been posting on here in a while, I've been overrun with coursework! As soon as that is over and done with I will be back I promise!


This Will Be a Short, Update With Not Much Explanation…

...but i feel like letting you know about what's going on college-wise seeing as that's what I've spoken most about since starting this blog. So the hair salon plan has turned to shit, I guess my want to leave the course clouded my judgement and decided on the first thing that slightly sparked my interest. … Continue reading This Will Be a Short, Update With Not Much Explanation…

Education Past School

This might sound over-dramatic to some but college has been pretty fucking traumatic for me. I had my whole future planned out when I got into A-Levels and was happier than I had been for a long time, so happy that I didn't have to go counselling anymore. And I stayed happy for most of … Continue reading Education Past School

A Very Good Saturday Night

So last Saturday, 31st May, I went to Luminosity for the first time with the college gals. It was one of the best nights of my life. Luminosity is an event that happens just once a month at a local nightclub in Southend, Chameleon. It's basically a UV night, so you find some UV paint … Continue reading A Very Good Saturday Night


This morning I woke up and just sat there. Like most mornings, I just sat there wondering if I could handle today, no matter what I chose things would end badly. I go in and I have to fake intelligence and happiness then have an anxiety attack in the toilets and hide for the rest … Continue reading Today