This Is For My Mum

Julie Crumpton is my mother and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to raise me.

She is a rock, she is the strongest woman I know and she has gone through so much and is still fighting. She sacrifices her life for her family she cares for everyone and is not appreciated like she should be. I mean like she’s another mother to my best friend.


People are ignorant of how much their mothers do for them. I myself have been ignorant of what mine does and I haven’t given back what she’s given to me. I have been selfish and lazy and she has gone through hell, she has been betrayed and heart broken and the fact that she has not completely broken down and gone full on crazy is a miracle because I sure as fuck would have. She fights for her daughters happiness, she knows what is right for us and if anyone tries to hurt her babies she will go full on mama bear and set things right.

She is the reason I’m here at uni, if it wasn’t my mum I wouldn’t be believing in myself as much I am. Yes I still hit bumps in the road where I feel giving up is the only option but all I have to do is ring my mum and she will snap me out it and make me stronger. This blog post isn’t enough to give back but it’s a start.

My mother is beautiful inside and out. She doesn’t know this, and it’s horrible to see her upset with herself. It’s one thing for her to accept compliments but she doesn’t believe them even though she really really should. I mean seriously look at her when she smiles and that beauty shines out.


When my mum is happy her laugh is infectious, you can’t help but laugh with her. Her sense of humour is just mental and is probably where I get some of mine from too. Everyone on Facebook even loves her sense of humour. Her Facebook is a better blog than mine. May have to get her to write for me time to time. Make this shit a team effort. God like I can’t put into words how much joy I get from seeing my mum truly happy. She deserves to feel it every day.

I really full-on miss her. The second I start thinking of her it’s hard not to get emotional. I was watching America’s Next  Top Model and there was an episode with the model’s mums and it set me off cause they’d missed their mums so much and I was like “Fuck! Me too!” Every time I come home and see her again I try so hard not to cry, like when she met me at the station last time I had to fight back so many tears cause I was like “Not in front of these people”. And then when I leave my heart breaks, knowing I’m going months without seeing her. And when I’m home I still don’t do enough try and appreciate her enough, I really don’t realise it enough until I’m not there.

This summer I’m really going to push myself to be her rock, instead of her being everyone else’s.

My mum is my role model. And if I become half the woman she is when I’m older then I will be proud.



One thought on “This Is For My Mum

  1. Julie says:

    It’s beautiful darling and absolutely all I love, adore and miss you more than you know. You also don’t realise how proud I am of you for what you have achieved; after all the stress and self doubt you have made it to uni and stayed there even when you thought you couldn’t do it. You need to see that you are gorgeous and so very intelligent and funny, proof that you are your mothers daughter…hehe. You and Ella are the centre of my world, from the moment you were gifted to me you became the priority in my life and will always be so. You will always be my babies. I can’t wait to see you for the summer…you have no idea how much tea you will make me – and you need to give Ella a master class in the cuppa brewing dept. Thank you for this and making yer poor old muvver blub in the morning. Much luv poppet. xx

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