This Is For My Best Friend

Okay so for Vinnie’s post, I’m gonna try and hold it together by listening to our songs. We don’t have but one, we have but many. However, this may just fuel my tears and I’ll be a sobbing mess singing along to Backstreet Boys. I’d like to apologise to my flatmates the strangled cat whining “I Want It That Way”.

Davinia Elizabeth Gale, I genuinely do not even know where to start with this girl. We unknowingly first met on the first day of Year 3, when we both couldn’t find our mums in the junior exit of our primary school and we had to wait with a TA in the hall for our mums to rescue us. Hell yeah we’re starting from the very fucking beginning, you better feast your eyes on the history of this legendary friendship that will never die.  From there we both knew of each other but didn’t become real friends until Year 8 when we both didn’t have seats in form, so we stood at the back playing with paper. We truly connected from the start. From there it blossomed, we started hanging out at lunch and break, then at the park and then she wouldn’t leave my house and I became stuck with her.


Our friendship is movie-worthy. We’ve had our fair share of drama, where we wouldn’t talk, even deleted each other from Facebook. I know right? That’s huge. However, we still came back together, because we knew any argument of ours was bullshit. Like we really did hurt each other but that’s because we knew how and just proves how amazing friends we are. We usually made up by her staying over at mine, we would talk for ages, and then we’d forget about it and watch shitty horror films and eat Doritos because that’s what true friends do. The times where we were arguing and weren’t talking, I felt so lost, like it was like losing a part of myself and I would tear myself apart. Each time we made up though I felt our friendship grow stronger and stronger.

We went through so much shit together. Still are **mentally high-fiving Vin**. Vinnie Gale has stayed super fucking strong and evolved after so much. Not a lot of people will ever 100% know what Vin’s been through. Without experiencing it myself, I won’t fully be able to understand, but I was still there every second she needed me and she was there right back. Without her, I don’t know where I would be right now. She saved me. She’s basically a part of my family now, she’s my sister and my mum thinks of her as an honourary daughter and my sister thinks of Vin as another sister and my entire fucking family expects her to come with us to family events. She is one of us.


She has fought so hard to get where she is right now. And she’s still fighting. She’s gonna be a kick-ass head nurse somewhere and fuck she deserves it. She is so smart, you would not believe how much she achieves at everything she does. She’s got managers and shit relying on her to help her at every turn, I can only imagine what she’ll be like when she is the boss, people will be so intimidated by how awesome she is. I already am.
She’s going to uni in September and she’s gonna rock it. She already has hands-on experience, and she has the brains more than many people I know.

Also can we just appreciate how gorg she is. Only Vinnie fucking Gale can pull off that hair, you can try but you will fail. She owns everything, and she can pull of so many fucking amazing outfits that I can only dream of, look at her on a night out and you’ll be like “Daaaaaaaaaaaamn”. That girl is the source of many of my self-confidence issues. With her and my sister being around me all the time it’s hard not too feel like a short, chubby mess.


Mid-typing this post, and she texts me, “There’s a child talking to me. Help.”. yeah, it’s best she just leave that be, she’s not got the best history with kids what with throwing a frisbee at one’s face and throwing herself into one that what minding it’s business in a pram. She’s gonna be a great mother.

Me and Vin share the best memories. Like I think in the future I’m gonna have to do a series of stories from our past, even if some will be shit we saw that we found funny. Like those are some of the best memories, we crack up all the time over this stuff.
Thinking of these while I’m away at uni, is still funny but also you get the twinge where it’s just not the same. Going through uni without her by my side has been the worst, it’s felt horrible. She can’t just randomly come over like she does when I’m home, yes we still text and call but it’s not the same is sitting in a pub getting too tipsy on too many bottles of wine and talking for hours on end. Like when we did that at Easter it was one of my favourite nights with her because it had been so long since we’d been able to do that without interruptions (except for when someone came over asking us if we wanted more wine, which we said yes to, obviously).

This summer Vinnie Gale will not be leaving my side excpet for when Rob drags her away or she has to go to work.

Turns out we’re having a video call later today. Something to look forward to and I can buy wine and play pretend that we’re not on different parts of the country.




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