I Shouldn’t Have to go Through Hell 

I should not have to shut myself away with my earphones in and music on loud in order to stay calm. I don’t care if they won a match. I don’t care if they won the premier league. I don’t care if they fucking single-handedly defeated fucking Ultron. When my panic attacks can be triggered by too much noise this kind of thing can ruin me.

All this beeping and cheering and speeding is too much for me and that shouldn’t be met with judgment. I shouldn’t be told that I just don’t get it. I’m allowed to be angry that I have to go through this.

I am currently shut in my fucking en suite trying to catch my breath and wiping away tears. I’m the furthest thing from sorry that I don’t understand these traditions, all I wanted tonight was to play Borderlands and relax. But instead this happening. So thanks Leicester for ruining my night.

Hypersensitivity to noise can be a legitimate symptom to anxiety so please anyone who truly doesn’t understand why I’m upset and angry about this do read the links below as anyone who reads my posts will know by now that I suffer from anxiety and depression. Maybe it will open your mind a bit more.


So.. What did you think?

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