Valentine’s 2016

So another single Valentine’s, most years it just made me feel lonely but today has just gone by as any other. In fact it’s been pretty chill, there was nothing to be down about.

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, picked up some basics from Tesco express, did my nails with my cute new nail varnish from Urban Outfitters and read my new book.

I also drank wine but that’s just a norm for me, as many of you will already know.

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a day where single people cry into a pot of ice cream about how lonely they are and you’ve got to admit, in this day and age it’s pretty standard to post gifts on social media, if you do it a Christmas then why complain when people do it on Valentine’s.

Legit if you’re single on valentine’s just use it as a day to treat and pamper yourself rather than anyone else. It’s cheaper and also you end up happy and chill af anyway.treatyoself
Or take a leaf out of Knope’s book and do a Galentine’s day – which I kinda wanna organise for next year now and make it huge and girly it would be amazing, Chinese takeaway and reruns of Gilmore Girls and Jane the Virgin, I’m gonna write it down now in my organiser so I don’t forget.

Back on topic. Don’t cry. Don’t feel lonely. To paraphrase Hailee Steinfeld’s jam, love yourself.



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