Jane The Virgin

So I should have probably waited until I was all caught up on the show to write a post about it but I just couldn’t wait and I need everyone to watch it so I can fangirl over it with you all.

I’m only 13 episodes in and I’m already falling in love with Jane the Virgin.
The brief storyline of the show is about Jane, a devote Catholic who is waiting until after marriage to have sex – so a virgin, hence the name of the show. Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated and ends up being a pregnant virgin.
Pretty interesting set-up yes, but that’s not what makes it so good.

There’s a bunch of other storylines that all connect and effect each other – I will not say what they are because I’m not the kind of person who spoils shows like that. What I will say is that you will get hooked onto every characters story very quickly and I will be shocked if you don’t end up like me sitting in bed on my own loudly gasping in shock at the end of each episode.

There’s also the fact that all of the characters are hooked on telenovelas (if you don’t know what a telenovela is, here‘s a link to wiki article) and the show takes the characteristics of these and puts it into the show. So the intertwined storylines, cheesiness and over-dramatic-ness. It’s actually making me consider watching real telenovelas. It’s like Inception.

The narrator basically speaks your mind too. He’s just as shocked at the developments as you so it almost feels like you’re not watching it alone. But that s a very sad sentence to admit, hahaha no I’m not crying…

I could explain my thoughts on each of the characters but if I did that I’d end up spoiling the show so I’m not but I really love Jane’s abuela. She is an angel.

It’s the type of show you’d watch when:
– It’s 9pm, you’re on your period and you keep crying over that coffee you spilt that morning and you really need a distraction so you get a bottle of wine out the fridge, grab your hot water bottle, sit in bed and put all your hormones into the lives of the multitude of characters on the show.
– You’re having a girl’s night-in and you’re in your pyjamas, you have a bottle of wine each (yes wine again and yes I did mean each, don’t judge me), you’ve got some Chinese take-away, you were gonna put on face masks but probably forgot and you need something to watch. This is what you watch.

Those two scenarios are mainly focused on females true, but I can’t put my mind into a male scenario sorry. Not sorry.

If you couldn’t tell I literally could not recommend Jane the Virgin enough. I haven’t been sucked into a show so quickly in a long time, this is probably gonna end up being one of my all time favourite shows if it isn’t already.

I’m done now, I have to start the next episode because holy lord that ending.



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