2016 To-Dos.

So we’re 5 days into 2016. I’ve given up on the “New Year, New Me” bullshit. The closest things I have to resolutions are to finish my leftover TV series’ from last year, to attend more lectures and to stop isolating myself.

Okay so after typing those out, maybe they are proper resolutions however the word makes me cringe therefore I will not call them that and rather just say that they’re to-dos. That’s a nicer term for it.

More to-dos will be to have a kick-ass 21st in November and find a top-notch second year house for me and Hannah asap. Viewings are in the process of being booked, I may or may not write a post about it, we’ll have to see whether I remember or not.

I also want to go to at least one gig this year, purely because I’m jel of my BFF Vin going to Kodaline in March – the bitch.
I’ll find an even better gig to go to and rub her face alllll in it. Or probably go with her – but I will rub her face in the fact that I found a better gig than her and her boyfriend did.

Passing first year of Uni would be nice too.


So.. What did you think?

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