All I want for Christmas is Wine

It’s Christmas Eve, and by now I’d usually be over the top excited but it’s weird it doesn’t feel as Christmassy this year. I’m growing up and I don’t like it.

As I write this I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life, in my PJs with some nails on which are forcing me to get correcting mistakes and drinking a coffee spiked with some irish cream because that’s tradition every December. I also decided to to put on my new make up and take a selfie cause that’s how bored I am. I am bored on Christmas Eve! Tbf I justified the makeup in my mind by thinking its just a practice run for dinner tomorrow.

This year has been and gone in a flash, like it’s been a busy year but still it’s as if they’re going by quicker every year. It’s crazy how so many things can happen within the space of 12 months, people have come and gone from life within this time and at the start of the year I was still in college and now I’m visiting Essex from Leicester where my most of my life revolves around now.

I am looking forward to tomorrow tho, I can’t wait for people to open their presents I lovingly picked out, I can’t wait for the entire family’s secret santa trade, I can’t wait to pig the fuck out at Miller & Carter.

Tonight I’ll be on Norad’s Santa Tracker and all the usual sites so I can pretend to be a kid again. Hopefully my sister will push her teen angst aside for one night to join in with me. I’ll binge watch all my favourite TV shows Christmas specials and drink some wine. At midnight I’ll join the herd and post “Merry Christmas :)” on every single fucking form of social media I physically can.
If this doesn’t make me feel Christmassy nothing will. I do this every year and it rocks.

I may not post until January now because I’ll too busy drinking the rest of year away from tonight onwards so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years guys and gals. :*


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