4 Days.

In just 4 days I move to Leicester. I can’t take many steps without tripping over a box. And I’m currently trying to figure out how many hangers I’ll need if any. Even with it so close and all the packing, I’m still not 100% believing this is actually happening. Like I’m actually moving far away and on Thursday, it’ll be the last ever night I spend sleeping in my bedroom in this house ever because my mum and sister are moving to my grandad’s and so when I come home at Christmas, it won’t be to this home and that’s a very strange notion to get my head around.

I do know this is all definitely happening and I really can’t wait to get to Leicester, move into my flat, meet my flatmates and coursemates and finally see Jack again after what’s felt like 3 years rather than 3 weeks (probably should’ve updated this sooner but #notsingleanymore – he’s a good lad, I like him). It’s just that it’s felt like such a long wait this summer for this time to actually roll around that I still feel like I should be waiting. Also feels a lot like I haven’t made enough of an effort to get to know anyone properly that I’m going to meet except for Jack so I’m just gonna have to charm them all face to face, the people on my course sound pretty decent to me so I shouldn’t struggle too much and I only know Harriet in my flat but she’s already an angel just on the odd chats we’ve had on facebook and I’ve spoken to a few others that I can feel a friendship forming with so I’m not really worried about the friendship side of things there.

I am getting stir crazy in Essex, I just want to get this whole move over and done with and just settle in. I still need to pick up some cute things to decorate my room with tho, like printing off a few photos like 10 maybe I don’t know, and go cliche and get some fairy lights.

But yeah, i thought I’d give the blog a quick update cause I’ve neglected to do so for over a month now. I’ll be updating through out Fresher’s week on how awesome a time I’m having.


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