Recently I’ve been feeling hollow

Anyone who knows Bleach, knows hollows and you know things are bad when you can understand why people become hollows when they feel so much negativity that they lose their souls and so, lose themselves in the process.

I’m not saying I’m going be running about shooting ceros everywhere but I have been losing myself a bit.

My mind has become so clouded with everything that is going wrong in my world that I’m finding it harder and harder to go to bed happy, my constant state recently is a shaking wreck of nerves and frustration. I’m not saying I haven’t felt any happiness at all, I’ve had little pieces of joy scattered over the past week but that hasn’t stop my mind nagging me about everything.

My mind is going into overdrive and this just feels like the same as many other posts on here which I’m sorry about. I swear to you I’ll start telling you more about the happy parts of my life asap, but right at this very moment I need to push this weight off my shoulders so I can try and sleep and blogging tends to help.


So.. What did you think?

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