It’s the End of an Era!

Today was my last ever day of college, a lot of people who have me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr will know this thanks to my instaspam of every final part of my college routine. It confused and annoyed a lot of people who had their various dashes filled with me marking everything I did today on the social networks. However, I do not care. Today was a big day, it was the last time I’d be in the place that I experienced a rollercoaster of events in! I was taking photos to hold onto the memories of the place I hated with the people I loved. I plan on printing them and placing them in my “Summer Before Uni” scrapbook, they are adorable photos and no one can deny that.


In like 15 years or so when I’ve hopefully got a career in marketing or advertising, I can dig out my scrapbook and experience all of these moments again. It’s a massive summer for me, it’s awesomely scary.

It’s basically the end of Era


So.. What did you think?

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