A Review of 2014 and Resolutions for 2015

A few days late I know but who cares I have all year to do this really.

2014 has been jam-packed with a wide range of emotions right up till the end. It’s definitely been a year to remember for me.

To be honest I kind of hated it, especially at the start of the year. I struggled a lot with college and my overall sanity, I was very very close to dropping out but I got a lot of support from friends, family and my tutors and I made it through. And now I’m completing my second year of the course with an unconditional offer from my top university, so it’s safe to say that it’s good I pushed through.

For all the negative times that I had, there were a hell of a lot of good times, I made loads of new friends and gained stronger connections with my old ones. They gave me strength and even when we clashed I still loved them, arguments mean nothing when you’ve been friends for so long. If it wasn’t for my friends I wouldn’t have this new self-confidence, I’m not saying I’m confident in everything I do now, I just know how to assure myself.

I’ve changed a lot this year and in some respects not for the better, I’ve been a dick sometimes and I regret how I;ve treated people I care a lot about but realising it and knowing it means that I can fix that.

2014 was quite an important year and no doubt 2015 will be just as stressful but I’m able to handle it.

So resolutions.. I’ll do a list.

  1. Quit smoking, need to save the money and stop coughing so much it’s getting annoying.
  2. Get the grades I want, DDM, that’s my target and that’s what I’m going to get.
  3. Make sure everything is ready for university, this includes: buying the essentials, setting up a student bank account, sort out funding and sort out accommodation.
  4. Once 3 is done, make as many memories with friends and family as possible over the summer. Don’t sit around watching tv all the time, make the most of the time you have left before moving to Leicester. Take photos whenever you can and enjoy yourself.
  5. Get into a healthier routine, I spend way too much in front of screens and not enough time in the real world. Take the dog out, go for a jog, wake up earlier, just do something with the day.

So.. What did you think?

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