And so the countdown begins…

There are 21 days till Christmas, and we have started putting up the decorations round the house. Last night the tree went up and it. looks. fab. Mum would rather wait till further into the month to do this but she knows how excited I get for christmas and does it for my benefit. It’s funny, not even my younger sister gets this excited.

People get annoyed with how excited I get for christmas, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone around the world counts down to one day together, everyone wakes up to gifts from the people they love, everyone gets to make the people they love happy! Everyone has their own christmas traditions and I love hearing how everyone does it differently, because we are all celebrating the same thing but in individual ways.

It’s not just presents that defines christmas either, my favourite part of christmas is the build up to it. When the adverts start coming on, the coca-cola truck and the john lewis ads will always attract your attention because it’s exciting! When the shops start stocking decorations and just walking through that section, when the songs start playing on the radio (especially fairytale of new york cause love), when the films start playing on tv… slowly you start noticing christmas more and more and its fun, its happy!

The intricate process of planning and putting up decorations with your family, then to proudly marvel at your house in all its festive glory once you’ve finished. The stress of christmas shopping that is all worth it when you see the happiness on your friend’s and family’s faces telling you that you got the right gift.

And finally, the night of Christmas Eve, not being able to sleep through the excitement of the next day. Personally every year, I spend most of the night with my younger sister and we go on and there’s a new site this year which I’ve been on for two minutes and am already in love with; Google Santa Tracker.

It’s gonna seem silly to some that I’m 19 and still get this excited about Christmas, but fuck it, I’m gonna embrace what makes me happy with out giving two shits what anyone thinks.

Merry Christmas my darlings! xoxoxoxo


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