Friends till the bitter bloody end.

I’d say have quite a few friends, not as many as Facebook may have you think but quite a few, even if I don’t get to see them every day.

I love each and every one of them, all for a bunch of different reasons cause they are all such different and unique people, they bring out the best in me when I’m with them (however may be not so much when they catch my double chin during a snapchat war – the only thing they bring out by doing that is threats and death stares).
Some of them I’ve known for years and years, and some of them for under a year yet the feelings I hold for them don’t change.

I’ve never really been a lucky person, especially when it came to my mental stability, and the only time I could truly forget about everything was when I was with my friends.
I don’t think any of them realise how much they have actually done for me, not only as a group, individually they are amazing too.
And when I see them upset, be it over exes, home-life,work or college, my heart breaks because nothing can compare to watching someone you care about in pain.

Recently me and a bunch of my nearest and dearest created #tuesdaycoffeeclub which is basically what it says on the tin, we meet up every tuesday for coffee. It gives us a chance to relax and catch up with each other and it’s something I really look forward to every week.
I was worried that I was losing contact with everyone and now I don’t have to be anxious about that anymore because I know when I’m next gonna see them.

This post might seem a bit out of the blue but something triggered it. It was my best friend, Vinnie, we were talking about her next tattoo (which I sadly can’t go and watch get done thanks to college) when she brought up my birthday on Saturday (GONNA BE 19! WOO!), and if I’m excited and the usual shit where I respond like I child. She said she’ll be popping round after work at 3 to see me before we go and watch the christmas light switch-on and go pubbing with everyone else, and it took me a second but then I realised that she was meant to be going to an open day.
So I asked why she wasn’t going anymore and she had changed the date because otherwise she would miss going to the christmas lights with me, and it might sound stupid to some but it really fucking means the world to me that she would do that, like she is basically the grinch she does not get into christmas like I do, but she doesn’t want to miss something that she knows means a lot to me, I’ve never been to the christmas lights and having it on my birthday is a dream come true.
Even though I haven’t been able to see her as regularly as I used to, it’s things like this that remind me she’s still me best and closest friend.

This post is dedicated to the ones I love most in the world, the ones I wouldn’t be able to live without; Vinnie, Hannah, Huw, Amy, Shannon, Ryan, Abbi, Bradley, Sam, Erebi and the rest of you sorry fucks that have to deal with my face grinning at you all the damn time, I love you ❤ 

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