So yesterday I sent off my UCAS application, with my five uni choices decided and £23 lighter I am… bricking it.
This is the first step towards independence, and my career, my whole future is riding on this. It’s one of the scariest times of my (and many many others) life. I quadruple checked every single thing on that application before clicking “pay & send”.

Now that it’s sent I have to wait for my college to add my reference and send it off to UCAS to get processed. I am terrified of what’s going to happen. When I can, I will be tracking my application every day on the site.

For those wondering I want to Marketing! I think I would be amazing at it to be honest.
The unis I chose? De Montfort, Winchester, Edge Hill, Lincoln and Plymouth!
Most of which are far from home. It’s not because I wanted them to be, I was just attracted to these the most!

To the readers that are in the same boat as me, and just so happened to stumble across this blog post, good luck! I hope you get to where you want to be, I hope it’s helped to know that I’m just as scared as you. It would be fab if you ended up at the same uni as me omg.

Although I keep talking about my fear, I have to add, this is so freaking awesome as well!
I just sent off applications to university. I have been waiting to do this for years and I’m finally on my way!
This whole thing is already such a journey and it’s going to be an awesome one.

I’m gonna keep updating on my journey through uni, whether you like it or not, you’re gonna love it :*


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