Just realised my last two posts were titled sorry, HA. That shows how ridiculous at this I am.
The only blogs I’ve updated regularly are my coursework ones! But hey, at least you know I’ve been productive in my time away!

The deadline for my first assignment of these two new project is this coming Friday and oh lordy have I been stressing out. I relaxed too much and now I’m rushing, kids do not make the same mistakes as me, it’s not a good idea. I haven’t been keeping on top of everything like I told myself I would at the start of the year I would. I’ve got to learn from it and once I’ve finished my to-do list, I have to get things done when my tutor says things have to be done.
University is on the line here, I can’t fuck it up.

On the bright-side though me and Hannah (teaforhannah) have started a vlog, even though that’s something else that’s been somewhat neglected recently, we’re proud of it! We’re going to an open day at DeMonfort Univeristy this Saturday, we’re gonna be filming loads!

This year is going to be a rollercoaster I can tell already but fuck it, when isn’t life like that?!

I am not going to let my fear and anxiety control me any longer, it’s holding me back and that is wrong. The time for change is now!


So.. What did you think?

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