A New Amy ♥

So maybe it’s a bit late for New Year’s resolutions – or early?! – but it’s never to late to make changes to your lifestyle to improve things you want to see improved. I’ve tried this sort of thing many times in the past but it never stuck, never even started most of the time, but this time I’ve actually already started and I feel good about it, I’m not sure why maybe because I have changed myself a bit and I have to thank my newest friends for that Hannah and Amy, they broke me out of my shell and are continuing to do that, and I’m really grateful for that fact (if you two are reading this, you better listen). Even if I have only known them since about April, I already feel like a really close friendship with them and hope that the friendship will stick for the long run.

Anyways back to the title, “A New Amy”, I’ve needed to fix a few things with myself and now that I’m realising I can control my anxiety, not the other way round, I want to take control of other parts so here we go…

  1. Smoke cigarettes purely on social occasions, other than that stick to the E-Lites!
    This part of my life has gotten out of hand, I wasn’t smoking more than 10 a day but I was smoking every day and it was taking a hell of a lot out of my wages which I really can’t afford to do for much longer so unless I’m at a party or having a night-out (maybe not even then) I’m gonna be having my E-Lites.. plus I get to sit in bed with this, not in the garden.
  2. Refresh your wardrobe, throw out the old and bring a new style!
    I’m talking floral skater dresses, skirts, nicer vests, kimonos, blazers, different shorts, tights and harem trousers!! I have this whole look in my head that I want to take on, that I know I will look fab in, and it might take a while to get it all – cause I ain’t made of money! – but it will happen and it will make me look my age and build my confidence going out. Plus all these things are soooo cute! LOOK!!!!
  3. Cut down on the coffee! Try new teas like fruity or something?!?!
    Everyone knows too much caffeine is bad for you and I think from my fuckin name on here you can tell that I have too much caffeine.. if I’m not drinking coffee, I’m having an energy drink and vice versa! And not only is that unhealthy body-wise, it’s unhealthy brain-wise, it ruins your sleep cycle and will make anxiety worse so less coffee means more happy!
  4. Drink more water!!
    Like I said before, I literally only ever drink caffeinated drinks and if it’s not caffeine its fizz like diet coke/7up etc. And that’s not exactly the healthiest thing on earth, I almost never drink water and that is ridiculously bad, and so I vow to have atleast one glass of water a day and whenever I’m out and about I will have a bottle of water with me!
  5. Go to charity shops, pick up odd plain clothes and “you” them up! Start that hobby!
    This is the sort of thing I’ve always wanted to do but never actually done, it’s a cheap way of getting new, unique clothes and it’s also something that will be fun to do, I can set my creative side free!
  6. Fix your bodyclock! Set an early alarm and wake up slowly, stop wasting your day sleeping!
    For years now I’ve slept in for as long as physically possible and then wondered why the day has gone so quick, and now when I’ve had to wake up earlier I’ve been a mess, and this is yet again another thing that is so unhealthy, I mean I shouldn’t even be writing this at 12:44am!!
  7. Start going for early morning jogs, don’t plan where to go, just see where your legs take you, no-one will awake will care enough to watch you and once you’ve gotten into the habit you won’t care if anyone see’s you anyways – you’re not meant to look pretty when you exercise you twat!
    Regular exercise is one of the hardest things to start, and make a habit of, and I do have a crosstrainer and treadmill but the actual room is so cramped and claustrophobic it’s difficult to feel comfortable to work out in there, and thats even if you can make it through all the other crap in there! And due to me being me the thought of running in public is terrifying but early in the morning with good music in and little to no-one around would be perfect for me!
  8. Budget more so that you can see the guys and girls more, you need to leave the house for once in your life, jfc!
    With me, when I get paid I don’t think “Oh this will be perfect I can go Last Post with everyone tomorrow!” instead I think “Oh this will be perfect I can buy 2 dvds, a new dress or two and a bag!” I throw away my friendships for material things that really and truly I don’t immediately need and that’s something that I’m really disappointed in myself with and thus something that is going to change!
  9. Turn off your laptop at night and read all the 16 books you haven’t finished (or more importantly, even started) on your kindle!
    I actually bought 5 more books last night – it’s the stupid cheap prices and the quickness of getting them! And I’ve been doing it a lot where I buy a bunch of books but never read them, and instead I go on my laptop for hours and make myself extremely tired the next morning in the process! And so what I’m about to do is turn this thing off and finish Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!

So.. What did you think?

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