Feelings and Goings On

I feel like I’ve neglected this blog a lot recently. I’ve been so caught up on my coursework that I pretty much forgot all about it and how much I enjoyed writing the few posts I did a month ago. So I’ve decided I’m going to do at least one update every couple of weeks. An update on recent goings on, observations and general ramblings.

So far, since I last wrote a real post I met Helena Bonham Carter and watched her newest film The Young and Prodigious. The film was amazing, and if you get the chance to see it in 3D you must because the whole effect is mind-blowing, it’s not an action film the 3D is used to enhance the story and it’s so very cleverly used.
HBC was a delight as well, the q&a was entertaining and just sitting with her and chatting (well nodding trying to hold in my excitement in while she spoke to me).


I’m the one with the ridiculously long and frizzy hair, always have to look bad in pictures with stars

I’ve also finished my first year of college and as you already know, I’m quite far behind on my coursework. However, I have finished one project and now just 1 and a half left to do. And I think I get the 1 done within a week. (hopefully)

It was Hannah’s birthday recently and we went into town during the day and got Starbucks and spent her birthday money then we went out that night with some others to The Last Post then Chameleon. And it sounds strange but it was kind of nerve-racking that night because I’ve only known Hannah a few months and everyone else had been friends with each other for years but after a few drinks and talking to them I felt completely relaxed and it turned out to be a great night, even if there was a weird Slovakian that kept groping us…

Singing along to Ole Ole in a conga line.. how much better could the night get

Singing along to Ole Ole in a conga line.. how much better could the night get.

I’ve also got my hair cut so it’s not a long, frizzy, dead mess anymore, its shorter now. And even though it feels weird I kinda love it. My head feels lighter and my hair is a hell of  a lot more manageable now.


So.. What did you think?

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