This Will Be a Short, Update With Not Much Explanation…

…but i feel like letting you know about what’s going on college-wise seeing as that’s what I’ve spoken most about since starting this blog.

So the hair salon plan has turned to shit, I guess my want to leave the course clouded my judgement and decided on the first thing that slightly sparked my interest. But when I didn’t get any calls from the 30 salons I went to and got rejected after an interview that I thought went great, I kinda woke up and thought “Is this really for me?”. No, it’s not.

Anyways, I’ve been back to counselling on Tuesday after one hell of horrible week. It’s been really fucking hard. So I’m being referred up to a more psychological service so I get longer treatment of counselling and I’ve been prescribed some tablets. Which should hopefully help me.

Had a meeting with my one tutor I get on with yesterday and she is gonna help me catch up on all my coursework and I found out due to my age, I’ve got a place on the second year of the course no matter what grade I get. So we’re making a to-do list, I’m gonna try going in for my last 2 days till we break up this time next week for summer. And I will try to finish all my coursework as quickly as possible and hand it in through email.

On a cheery note, I met Helena Bonham Carter today. (Expect a post all about it soon – waiting for the photos to come through) Woo!


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