A Very Good Saturday Night

So last Saturday, 31st May, I went to Luminosity for the first time with the college gals. It was one of the best nights of my life.

Luminosity is an event that happens just once a month at a local nightclub in Southend, Chameleon. It’s basically a UV night, so you find some UV paint and smear it like warpaint on your face, then grab as many glow-sticks as possible and put them on as if they were jewellery from Tiffany’s. Finally grab some toys that will make you blind and deaf a.k.a. neon horns, neon whistles and a foam baton with led lights inside. Oh and lets not forget get so pissed off your face that your dancing isn’t dancing its more like slowly shaking somewhat in time with whatever bass covered jam is melting your eardrums.

Like I was saying it’s amazing, and I already have the date of the next one on my calendar.

The night was to celebrate, my same-named pal, Amy’s 19th birthday and there was an action plan in place as we had to get to Chameleon before 11 to get Amy her free entry for her birthday.
During a break at work I picked up a sour cherry, highly alcoholic beverage as a present for Amy which we and two others drank 3/4 of while getting ready. Once all dolled up we headed off to our first destination The Last Post where we had 5 shots for £5, the bubblegum one was like sweet, sharp bliss. Next was The Old Hat where I had my first ever taste of Desperados, quickly followed by my first ever bottle of Desperados. There we met up with four other friends, one of which had an in-depth conversation about various crude sexual acts with some strangers. When the clock hit 10:30 – or some time around then, we all walked down to Chameleon making a pit-stop at a cash machine to get more hard-earned money to waste on drinks. Once we got to Chameleon, we headed straight to the bar to use the two free vouchers for bubbly, which was better than we expected or just tasted better through our tipsy tongues. Fast forward through hours of drinking, dancing, photos and fun, three of us remained and we went to the local Casino where I got a membership card (Wooooo!) and Hannah and Amy wasted about a tenner between them, so not a huge loss I guess and even less of a loss for me as I did nothing but sit and stare at the gorgeous man working the roulette table after that we found a 5 star restaurant lovingly named Tasty Food 4 U and got food which probably should’ve poisoned us. Whilst there we called a cab and waited outside only to find out it was stolen, call another one it gets stolen, walk up to Chameleon and steal someones cab, it was revenge okay? We get back to Hannah’s between 4:30 and 5am and all crash out on her bed almost immediately and somehow we wake up enough to get me and Amy out of Hannah’s before 11am.

So yeah, that was one of my favourite Saturday nights for quite a long time summed up into one kinda long paragraph. Now look at two beautiful photographs taken during the night.
lum31.5 lum31.5-2


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